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Be Happy Because Your Destiny Awaits You

This scripture was a prophesy, Micah and Isaiah prophesied and said there shall come somebody great, a root of Jesse. The prophesy finally came to pass and Jesus was born.

When God has chosen you, He will approve you Himself and will need no consultation. You are born with a star that is why they are fighting you.

The wise men studied the stars and realized that the star that appeared that night was not an ordinary star. Jesus was just 2 days old, yet the king was disturbed. The entire army was released to kill all male children 2 years old and younger. 

Many children were killed on that day, all because of one child. The destiny of Jesus Christ was a great problem to the the king, Proof that the devil fights destinies because he knows that one can be great.

It is time to dream again, see visions again, to dream new dreams.

"Be happy because every aborted destiny, will be birthed anew tonight because "We are in a season where you need to understand the prophetic. You dont have to miss out on this.

Prayer is very crucial to the life of a believer, without it, there is nothing we can do.

As I teach you, therefore, and lead you in prayer, I believe that after tonight, your story will change."

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