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Sin is Blockage to to Your Outstanding Breakthrough

Never Entice Sin! "Do not entice sin and do not say, ‘This sin is too small.’ Turn away from sin now and live for Jesus .Dont be an in-between person. Do not be a warm person but be hot for Jesus .

God does not want lukewarm people .He wants you to be either cold or hot. If you are cold , you are not born again, he will fix you.

Jesus is always ready to accept and forgive you. If you are here, therefore, and you say, ‘I want to reconnect with Jesus,’ raise your right hand and pray this prayer with me. Eject The Word!

The word vomit means to eject what is in your spirit. If, therefore, you eat the nonsense of the world, that is exactly what you will eject from your spirit .

Your spirit needs the word of God and when this word of God dwells in you, you always declare and believe God for bigger things!"

our father Major 1 has taught us, honey is the type of the word of God. The bible implies that if you eat too much of something it will come out of you, so when you feed on the word , the same word will come out of you. 

Whatever you say or produce will be that of the word of God , you will speak words that carry healing , promotions and favor !"

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