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The Power of Positive Mind Can Take You Places

Major 1 teaches the power of being re-invented! He underscores how old things have passed away – how this promise is for ANYONE - it is available for anyone who believes.

He urges saints to move up and to stop struggling with old issues like unforgiveness and so on. He encourages everyone to renew their vows to God and pray a prayer of re-connection and re-commitment.

Do you want to put things right with Jesus? Do you want to be in Christ. Pray with us.

Heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ, I renew my vow which I made when I accepted you. Forgive all my sins in the name of Jesus Christ. I renew my covenant with you right now.
I accept you as my Lord and Saviour.
I allow the Holy Spirit right now to dwell in me.
I have Faith.

From today, I renew my walk with you for all the days of my life. I accept you and receive you as my only God.
From now onward, I declare I am not a failure, I am not sick, I am not poor through Christ I am healed. I am righteous
I am delivered
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