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If you have Faith Get up and Walk Towards Your Glory

She walked with the Prophet of God!

IN today’s service, we witnessed a young girl walking on the red carpet with Major 1! It was no ordinary walk.

It was a walk that silenced the enemy – it showed all those who think that people are paid to act healed—we saw it with our own eyes as balance returned to a small child who had never met the prophet.

It was a walk that showed that healing is still possible, it was a demonstration of God’s power. It was evidence of God’s love for us.

The children of Israel saw water come out of rock – others were still doubting! Children of Israel saw a rod turn into a serpent – others emulated but the Major prophets rod swallowed them all!

Where you are the onus to see God is yours, we ask nothing of you except that you do it for yourself, we have received the prophet of God! God is speaking today! Receive your own miracle today!

Viewers online, if you want to receive your miracle, believe in your prophet and you shall prosper. Connect and receive!

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