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Never You Feed off Evil Because You Can

If you feed on evil , you will produce evil but if you feed on good you will produce good .So imagine if you had to feed on the word of God day and night and never departing from it , you will obviously produce the word of God and your spirit will always be filled with the word of God !"

The scripture above talks about evil people and what happen to this evil people because of their works .It talks about a person that loves and play with evil during day and night nursing it but God does notice such people .He does not approve of such people .

The prophet has been preaching about breakthrough and he said, If you don't forsake evil you have no right to say you want a financial breakthrough from God. If you want God to bless you forsake you !"

Just as the rest of the 365 days that makes 1 year, Today God has sent His manservant to meet you with a message of revival. He brings a message of hope and instruction to lead you to restoration and positive transformation! 

God has solute ones for each of us and the purpose of the Lord in this season is to ensure that you are revived and become an exhibit of the Lord’s glory! We are revived for God’s mission. When doors open, businesses are charged with contracts, limbs are restored, eyes open and minds sharpened and demons are defeated and God wins every time!

Join the prophet of our day as we glide the airwaves with the powerful teaching and amazing time of worship. Don’t miss out on the testimonies and make sure every decree and declaration find room to take root in your life, let it flourish and blossom as the Lord Himself steers you to the prophetic destiny that is yours !
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