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No Delays, No Apology For Your Financial Success

Major 1 has entered the arena and does not need to warm up. The spiritual giant is in top gear and he is moving in power and authority- no delay, no apology.

Major 1 calls on The Seer, Brother Salvation and reminds us all of the call on his life and with a swift instruction to go and pray- the Seer is sent to a closet that he might come and do the work of our heavenly Father.

Stay connected as our father is moving in authority, open your heart and know that the God whom he serves is the inventor of every excellent track record.

Brace yourself, God is moving in this place. With An Anointed Hand!

He mentions that he sees in the spirit that this man has since separated with the mother of his child in the year 2013 and the man confirms this to be true. He further tells him that, ever since then, nothing in his life is progressing as expected, including his company.

Seer, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, mentions that he is seeing the man’s company name- “Our Father” and the man confirms that “Our Father,” is the name of the company.

The Seer tells the man that each time he gets contracts nothing tangible results. However, after prayer, this man will come back with a testimony.

“All you needed was for your document to be touched by an anointed hand,” concludes The Seer!

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