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The Psychology and History of Your Negative Stories Will be re-Written

The prophet locates a woman and tells her: "I see 'Psychology', 'Unisa'". The woman responds by stating that she is studying Psychology at Unisa.

The prophet then tells her that the job that she has been praying for will be granted by God henceforth.

The prophet asks her the number of people in her family to which the woman informs that there are five people and proceeded with their names.

The prophet tells her that her mother has a kidney problem and she has been suffering for many years .The prophet instructs the woman to tell her mother that the kidney problem is healed and that she must come and testify on Sunday.

The prophet further asks the woman as to which of the other family members must he prophesy about. The woman chooses a family member named Tshepo - her brother.

The Prophet narrates about an addiction of the said family member and said Tshepo had some time moved out of home and went into the streets, but he is now back home nonetheless still has the same addiction.

The prophet prays for her and her family. Her brother is delivered and her mother is healed. God has change their story!
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