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God is still speaking, today. Connect wherever you are. The Prophet worships with us...

If you are home, in your car or at work or watching us on any device – the Prophet of God is here and he has called for worship.

We have been worshiping God in this place but this is a prophetic call by the father of this house, our father in the Lord. 

If you have not already connected, please make haste, align your spirit- open your heart and enter into the Presence of God as we lift up the name of the Lord in the sanctuary.

He has done great things, bless His holy name. OH!! "What a moment of worship. What a time in God's presence. We thank the Lord for this wonderful grace He has given us today. I am sensing too much of God's visitation today!"

A native Ghanaian was adopted and is currently residing Belgium. He tells that he started connecting with ECG in the year 2017. He was struggling financially but managed to come as an International Visitor in October 2017. His visit was nothing short of extraordinary.

He tells that for 24 years he had struggled to finish building his house, by the moment he returned home after meeting Major 1, he got a call that some people wanted to complete building his house and rent it from him.

The God of Major 1 did it, today, the mansion is finished. He honored the Prophet by writing "My Father, my Father- Major 1" on the gate of his house.

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