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Easiest Ways to Get Pregnant Because Bareness is Broken

Barrenness is Broken! A couple came forward to glorify the God of Major 1.

The woman explains how she was connecting on Prophetic Channel one day. As she was connecting, Major 1 opened the line for viewers to call in and prophecy to them. She called in and her call went through and was able to speak to the Prophet.

The first thing that the prophet mentioned was the name of her husband (Thomas) , the year the couple got married and that they are struggling to conceive. Major 1 told her that as he was speaking to her,

he was seeing her womb opening up. He further mentioned seeing a baby boy, and a baby boy coming again.

“In 2018, it was my first time attending the service, it was an open ground service. Major 1 declared that only those who want to conceive should stand up and advised those who do not wish to conceive to sit down.

Major 1 declared that the following year we will be having a baby,” explained the woman.

The woman took the word of the Prophet as her own. And indeed, in march she conceived, the prophecy came true. Today, the couple is blessed with a bouncing baby boy.

Whatever you situation is ,God of Major 1 is able!

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