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Financial Breakthrough, Healing and House Insurance Restored

The prophet walks straight to the sick bay and asks what happened to a woman laying on a stretcher. The young woman’s mother screams and tells the prophet that she fell and the doctors told her that her legs are getting an infection and had developed gangrene.

But because prophets are not sent by men but by God Who reveals to them the hidden things in order to redeem, the prophet, Major 1, tells the mother that what caused her to be like that is not because she fell but rather because she said something bad about the man of God , Major 1.

In a moment of weakness, she had written a message 'From dust to Sandton”. She left this church to go to another church in Sandton. Her mother is unaware of the message and the incident.

The prophet explains that there are people who have said bad things concerning the prophet and have nothing with them. The prophet reminded the congregants that whatever one says against a man of God and his church there are consequences therefore, people must be careful of what they say about a man of God. He advised that this applies to ALL men of God.

The prophet walks away for a moment at which moment the entire house gets engulfed in a shocking silence. The prophet took a break to consult the Lord since the condition is complicated.

The prophet returned and offered prayer to the said woman. He gave the mother prophetic instructions as to what she ought to do this coming Wednesday to ensure the healing. The two were given a word of blessing from the prophet as well as a mantle as a gift.

Wherever you have been whatever you have said and done, be mindful. Prophets are heavenly defended, all we need to do is to seek God, He is a God of restoration.
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