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Never Miss Out The Details of Your Success Story

As testimonies continue, a woman leaves the entire congregation amazed. She tells that on the 6th of November, 2017, on a Diplomatic service, she was located for prophecy by the man of God, Major 1.

She tells that after her visit she remained in prayer, believing that God would do something for her. In July, 2018, she attended yet another International Visitors program. And on the very day that she came for the International Visitors Program, her brother was in ICU- he was having a kidney malfunction.

On Monday, following the IVP program, her brother was supposed to start dialysis. He started his dialysis and he recovered so speedily as if he was not bedridden for two solid years. Even the doctors were shocked!

The woman explains how her children were not doing well in school before she came for International Visitors Programme. But after her attendance here and her encounter with the Prophet, she explains that her son got 7 distinctions of the 13 modules he registered for.

The lady tells that she also wanted to purchase a house in Pretoria. She applied for the house and more than 3 of her applications were rejected because she was blacklisted.

After her encounter with Major 1, she identified once more the house she wished to purchase. She anointed the house and enlisted the house on her prayer petition. To the amazement of many, the whole estate was sold except the house that the woman anointed and put on her prayer petition.

After 9 months, the house remained on the market as there was no potential buyer. The agent then decided to sell the house to the woman.

On the 5th of August 2019, during Diplomatic Service, the woman explains how she was among the people Major 1 called to come forward and anointed. Immediately after the anointing, she received her licence to deal in Petroleum. As if that was not enough, she was offered a tender of 3.5 Million rands for three years.

Nothing is impossible with the God of Major 1

Major 1 and Mary Bushiri
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