Any Defects and Birth Conditions Can Be Cured without Life Insurance

I Came For International Visitors!”

All the way from Zambia, Mumbesi comes forward to testify about what the God of Major 1 has done for her .

She came August 2016 as an International visitor. She had been praying for the fruit of the womb before her coming and yet it was to no avail. She confessed that nine years in the marriage without a child was not easy for her .

After leaving the International visitors program, in the month of march, she conceived and she has now given birth to a baby boy named joy.

She encourages the saints to follow all the instructions that the man of God , Major 1, gives together with the declarations.

Believe In Your Prophet!

Mr amenya from Namibia comes forward and gives thanks to the God of Major 1 for what He has restored in his life.

As he testifies, he tells that in 2018 September he lost his business to one of his competitors. He had no business left though his company was still existing .

He managed to come and attend partners meeting in April 2019 at church and the prophet declared restoration of what was lost. He believed and meditated on psalm 20 just as the prophet had instructed.

Whilst at home he started doing applications to the municipality for a proposal to do business with them and they accepted his proposal. He started on the 1st of August 2019. God restored that which he had lost and gave him more because daily he makes approximately R6000 and his contract with the municipality still continues .

Viewers online, if you want to receive your miracle, believe in your prophet and you shall prosper. Connect and receive!

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