Evil Can Never Produce Good, Live Righteous to Attain Pure Sucess

"If you feed on evil , you will produce evil but if you feed on good you will produce good .So imagine if you had to feed on the word of God day and night and never departing from it , you will obviously produce the word of God and your spirit will always be filled with the word of God !"

We cannot live without God,admitting that is a sign of Spiritual maturity. We are we weak own but strengthened in God. You may be trying too hard to make things work out right but always failing. The problem is not that you are a failure but you have not gone tothe right source for help. God will not allow you to succeed without him. We may be able to build,but what we build will not last if God is not involved in it.

If God says you cannot do something without him that simply mean that He is the one with the plan. You may have anything life but without God you dont have anything.True success is not just the ability to accumulate material wealth,rather the ability to truely enjoy lifeand everything God provide in it.Trust the Lord in all your ways,by doing that it means you are givinfg God leverage.

If you do not involve God in everything thats when you make wrong choices
Put God first and he will crown you with success. Include God in everything and do not believe that you are too experience to include God. God is interested in every sphere of your life. Allow God to be a partner in your life by committing every detail of your life through prayer.

"Today, we look forward to the love of Jehovah and the lives of those whose life where broken to be revived.No soul will leave this place unchanged!"

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