Financial Increment After Ten Years!

Poverty is being kicked out of your life, out of your family.. you shall not lack anymore 

She explains how she has been working for a company for more than ten years earning a salary of R 4788.00 without any salary increment.

In this month of financial revival, however, as the prophet declared a shift in Financial statuses, she received and believed it would be done for her. Accordingly, 

she received a salary increment after 10 solid years, she will now be earning R 10023.00.

God of Major did it for her and in the same manner, He shall do it for you as well. CONNECT!

Financial Revival LIVE:Putting a fullstop to poverty!

"Every family curse, every spirit of poverty, as I pray, we are putting a full stop to it !"
The prophet locates a woman and instructs her to stretch forth her hands. The Prophet states that God told him to pray for her three time because there is a financial revival coming to her and her family.

The prophet prays for her and declares that it is done!

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