Financial Turnaround to Build and Manage Your own Estate

The prophet locates a man and mentions that he is seeing the man struggling to build a four-bedroom house. The prophet further mentions that the man is working in the mines and earning little, therefore struggling to finish the house and that his family is laughing at him because of this.

The man confirms every aspect of the prophecy to be true and the prophet instructs the man to turn around and the man does so. 

As he completes his turnaround, the Prophet assures the man that his financial situation has also turned around and the man celebrates his anticioated financial revival in his life, knowing very well that, when the Prophet makes such declaration, it is always done.

It is your turn to smile, just like when A man, who once worked in the army but is now a police officer, was flying from Durban to Eastern Cape on a particular day when he met his ex girlfriend. 

The wife found out about their encounter and cursed him. They eventually broke up and the words she said are working against him. 

The man called his wife for reconciliation but she refused. These are the details that the Prophet has unpacked in his prophecy to the man who confirms the entire account of events.

The prophet prays for him and tells him that his finances will be revived. The man goes away with a smile.

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