I Can Hear Hear The Sound of Victory

Do you hear the good news?

Major 1 hears the good news as he anoints the saints. The oil has been prayed for and the oracle of God has pronounced a blessing over it. There is a serene quietness as we go about the business of God. This man sent for the work of the Lord is in his element and the God of Major 1 is being made manifest!

Where-ever you are connecting from , know that tonight the anointing is touching lives in a special way. The God of Major 1 is in this place. The Prophet of God is here.

Thank you lord for giving us the opportunity to experience your Majesty once again. Your Love is better than our power! Your word is so much better than our word. Speak to us, teach us, rebuke us. You are greater than the greatest, you are wiser than the wisest, you are bigger than the biggest! Manifest the power of your Glory.

Show us your power Oh Lord, show us that we are worshiping a true and Mighty God, move in our midst, we are open to your move! Surprise us with what you want to surprise us with. Your Story will change, like that of a A woman from Duduza in Thohoyandou testifies of the greatness of the God of Major 1 while holding an X-ray chart from doctors showing many fractures on her right arm. 

She tells that when the prophet instructed the saints to put oil on hands, she felt a severe pain and a vibration on her hand and after the pain disappeared she was now able to move her arm without experiencing any pain at all. The angels of healing have touched her and her good health restored!

Mary Bushiri Motivation

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