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Now That You Are Saved Make Away With Old Things

As we celebrate that we are saved, Paul reflects on how we used to be of this world, governed by the world and the flesh. We were children living under the sentence of God’s wrath, just like everybody else. BUT God in His mercy chose to save us!

It is better to have Jesus than to have a house or material possessions. It is because of Love that God chose to reconcile us back to Himself although we had been separated by sin and death when we were spiritually dead. It is not because we did something right to earn His mercy.

It is because He did something right—He made us spiritually alive together with Christ, making us joint heirs with Christ, we are recipients of unmerited favor.

He made alive, who were dead in transpassess and sins. Which means, you were once dead. You were separated, which is past tense, which now you are no longer separated from Him.

You were seperated from Him while you were still in the world and influenced and following the ways of the world, influenced by and seperated you from Him.

You can be doing things under the influence by the prince of the power of air and remotely controlled.

This is why some people always find themselves doing what they don't like doing and don't do what they they like to show that they are remotely controlled.

The Bible continues to explain that, before you were entenced under God's wrath but God's devine favour saved you!
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