Sports and Soccer Are Also Ways Towards Pure Sucess

The prophet locates a man and asks what he does and the man responds by saying that is a soccer coach. The prophet tells him that he sees "dale". The man informs that he is coaching a team called Sunningdale White Club in Zimbabwe.

The prophet tells the man that there was a time he was believing God for the prophet to prophecy to him. However, the prophet proceeds with a prophecy concerning the man's wife who is at home. In his prophetic statement, the prophets says there is a special favor that God is giving to his family members who are not here at the church.

The prophet went further and tells him that he sees cooking and white people and the man confirms his wife cooks for white people.

The prophet declares something new in his life God is doing for him and change for him and that of his family .

It doesn't end with sports, your upliftment can come from any angle, like in the case of  Mr. Mavu together with his wife Muthinta, originally from Zambia but currently staying in Johannesburg glorify the God of Major 1.

The man tells that he owns a piece of land. Unfortunately, during some construction work, the government cut through his land to create a road. They did this without his knowledge and since 2007 he has been moving from one government to the other without finding an answer to this unfortunate predicament.

In the year 2017, the government valued the land used to K19.700 and He contested that it was too small for his used land he wanted 59000k.

This year in February he decided to come for the International Visitors program because there was no solution to his problem, even after getting lawyers involved. In August 2019 , the month of financial revival, he had a meeting with government officials and they agreed that he should receive payment that includes the old land used.

The God Of Major 1 has answered his prayers and he will receive K1.900.000 million.

Readers all over the world, we are still in the month of Finacial revival , connect and receive your finances!

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