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The Fire of Liberty is Burning With Goodies

Today, the arena of liberty is bursting at the seams with men and women who have come to fellowship with the Prophet of God.

Women are in very large numbers as they are still reeling from the impact of the Fresh Fire received from our mother in the Lord, Prophetess Mary Bushiri.

The combination of heat and strength are for you today. Refuse to be cold and weak. God is in this place!

There is power in this place as the men of Iron are also busting the myth that church is for troubled old ladies! The gathering is a testimony of the existence of the God of Major 1—the evidence or Elengos of His glory. Pure Shekinnah!

As we enter the last few weeks of the Year of Open Doors, do not miss any opportunity to walk into your Prophetic destiny as the Lord has made an open invitation for you to know that He is God, it is for you to taste and see in this year! As Major 1 is moving around—raise your hands and acknowledge his God!

Speak in other tongues, liberate your tongue to touch heaven, allow yourself to receive!

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