Your Best Car of Mercedes Benz Shall Locate You

A testimony that opened more doors! A man from Namibia testifies about the ability power of the God of Major 1.

The man explains how he came for the International Visitors Programme in the year 2016. The prophet located him and mentioned that he was seeing a great miracle awaiting him. Thereafter, upon his return home, he managed to purchase 5 houses within a short space of time.

On the 7th of July, 2018 he came to testify. As Major 1 entered the Auditorium, the prophet mentioned that he was connecting to many houses and told the man that there is more coming .

Two days after Major 1 declared there is more houses coming, the couple were given a 10 hectare land for free.

If that was not enough, the couple mention that they had a Quantum but it didn't have a route, however, after the word of the Prophet the quantum got a route in Windhoek. The couple was able to buy another mini-bus and to top it all off, the man bought his wife a Mercedes Benz.

It doesn't matter if you've never own a car, or started an engine before, when that doors of cars shall open, you will be amazed.

Major 1 Miracle Car

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